History Of Candidasa

Candidasa Beach Resort, East Bali

Candidasa Beach is one of the mainstay tourist attractions in the Karangasem region, with the natural beauty of the beach and the sea of Candidasa, then this place has developed into one of the tourist areas in East Bali, a number of supporting facilities such as hotels and restaurants can be found easily in this region.

In the last few years the Candidasa beach area has been eroded due to abrasion, some parts of the coast have been eroded by water, however, the local government seems to have no sense to keep on making and arranging this place so it doesn’t look beautiful and natural.

Candidasa Beach on Google Map:

Attraction of Candidasa Beach Karangasem

A tourist attraction certainly has a different attraction and features that are worthy to be highlighted, like this Candidasa beach, this area has several parts of white sand but now it is more moral with small rocks on the edge of the beach, to avoid prolonged abrasion The beach break dike is also attached, on the edge of the beach is lined with mountain rocks look harmonious and combined with the naturalness of the beach.

History Of Candidasa 2
Candidasa beach

On the shores of Candidasa beach, presenting natural views of the sea, the sea water looks calm just just ripples of small waves, but sometimes in certain months the waves in the middle of the beach also look quite high, so that tourists are used to playing surfing. Tourists who stay in this Candidasa area indeed take advantage of the atmosphere of this quiet and comfortable beach as a destination for relaxation.

About 200 meters from the shoreline looks beautiful with several small islands in the middle of the sea, a small plain in the middle of the hill-shaped sea called Gili Biaha, Gili Tepekong and Gili Mempang, and the largest Gili Biaha with an area of ​​about 3 are, even Gili Biaha can also be seen from the beach Perasi (Virgin Beach), in this area as a place or spot for snorkeling and diving that is so amazing, the charm of the underwater nature at Candidasa beach is indeed a popular snorkeling and diving tourist destination in Bali, and underwater tourism activities The sea in Candidasa is quite reliable and its main attraction.

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Candidasa Beach from Candi Beach Hotel

The attraction of the Candidasa beach attraction in Karangasem is indeed quite special, from Candidasa beach visitors can watch the beautiful sunrise in the morning, while feeling the fresh sea water, or for those who have a hobby of fishing can channel their hobbies here, and in the afternoon biased the red sun at sunset also adorn this area so that it looks beautiful and attractive. Two different beautiful scenery you can see in one place. The natural nuance of Candidasa beach is quite calm and more empty of visitors, so you can more freely enjoy the natural beach.

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Candidasa beach with Fisherman boat

Lines of fishing boats on the beach look beautiful decorate Candidasa beach, in addition to functioning to catch fish, fishing boats can be rented for fishing or to take tourists snorkeling or diving. Clusters of hills combined with beautiful views of the sea, from the beach you can watch the clusters of the island of Nusa Penida. Some gazebos like the one at Sanur’s sunrise beach also decorate this beach, able to relax or chat with family and enjoy the natural beauty of the sea.

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For Candidasa tourists, it can also be a stopover or transit place before they continue their tour to other East Bali areas such as Amed and Tulamben. In addition, road users, especially when heading to Denpasar or to Karangasem, make the Candidasa beach area a place of rest, while enjoying food and drinks at beachfront stalls in the parking area, then relaxing by the sea, resting for a moment enjoying the natural and fresh scenery sea ​​air.

Parking vehicles both motorbikes and cars are provided on the beach, the location is very strategic, because Candidasa beach is on the highway line Karangasem Regency – Denpasar. So this Candidasa beach is a haven for those who want to let go of fatigue or those who want to spend the night staying in this area. There is no entrance ticket to this beach, just parking fees.

Some hotels and lodgings that exist in Central include such as:

Puri Bagus Hotel, Rama Beach Candidasa, Sea Breeze Candidasa, Ganesh Lodge, Genggong at Candidasa Hotels, Bayshore Villas Candi Dasa, Temple Beach Villas, The Watergarden Hotels & Spas, Discovery Candidasa Cottages & Villas, Alam Candi Dive Resort, Villa Sasoon, Benthos Bali Dive Resort, Villarossa, Temple Cafe & Seaside Cottages, Bali Palms Resort, Rama Shinta Hotel, Aquaria, Candi Beach Resort & Spa, Bali Santi-Bungalows By The Beach, Puri Oka Beach Bungalows, Sagara Candidasa, Ari Homestay, Dasa Wana Resort , Lotus Bungalows, Nirwana Resort and Spa, Arco Iris Resort, Jepun Didulu Cottages, Candidasa Relax Beach Resort, Amarta Beach Cottages, Bali Seascape Beach Club, Ashyana Candidasa Beach Resort, Le 48, Zen & Happy Rezort, Bayside Bungalows Candidasa, Anom Beach Inn Bungalows, Geringsing Bungalows, Segara Wangi Beach Front, Kangkung Cottages, Puri Pandan Restaurant and Bungalow, Ida Beach Village, Dewa Bharata Candidasa Bungalows, At The Beach Candidasa, Ayu Taman Sari, Mutiara Bali, The Rishi Candidasa Beach Hotel, Kura Kura Villas, Karma Royal Candidasa, Gedong Gandhi Ashram, Agung Bungalows, Villa Gita, Candidasa Beach Hotel, Resort Prima Candidasa, Puri Amarta Cottage, Sri Artha, Pondok Bambu, D’Tunjung Beach Resort, Kelapa Mas Homestay, Pondok Pisang, The Natia

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History of Candidasa

Candidasa is a major destination for tourists who come to Karangasem, located in the Bugbug region, Karangasem District. Candidasa is famous as a replica of Kuta beach because it has white sand. It is suitable for water sports such as swimming, diving and snorkeling.

Candidasa is one of the tourism areas developed in 1983. Initially the name Candidasa was the name of a temple, namely Pura Candidasa, which lies on a small hill and was built in the 12th century AD It has natural potential and a charming beach with white sand .

Underwater panorama

The white sand beach is actually called Kehen Bay, but in its development as the beach was designated as a tourist attraction and attraction, the beach of Kehen Bay changed its name to Candidasa tourism area according to the name of the temple in the region.

Candidasa is located in Samuh Hamlet, Bugbug Village, Karangasem District, 12 km from Amlapura City and about 45 km from Denpasar City. The enchantment of nature developed as a marine tourism object can be an option to carry out various activities, such as sun bathing, canoing, snorkeling, fishing, trekking through hills, and what is equally interesting is the presence of small islands that can be reached by fishing boats ( jukung). These small islands have the potential of underwater panoramas in the form of coral reefs and ornamental fish.

The Myth:

One of the stories that became a myth about the existence of the Candidasa Temple which developed and was believed by the local community was the Goddess Hariti Statue which was located in a niche at the bottom of the hillside. It is said that Dewi Hariti was originally a yaksa (Ogre) in Buddhism who likes to eat children’s meat. But after getting enlightened teachings of Buddhism, the Goddess then repented and turned to be a protector and loving child.

The Goddess Hariti statue was further carved with 10 children who buried it, as a protective, merciful, and also symbolic of fertility and prosperity. Local people believe that Dewi Hariti means many mothers who can give gifts of fertility and prosperity. Therefore, this place is visited and used by many couples who have not been blessed with offspring to beg for prayer by bringing offerings offered to Dewi Hariti.

Candi Dasa Temple is located in Banjar Samuh, Bugbug village, Karangasem regency, located on the edge of a highway that connects two districts namely Klungkung and Karangasem. if from Denpasar about 45 km to the left of the road, because it is located at an altitude and must go through several stairs, so that a glimpse of the highway is not so visible, only the gate to the temple is visible. The position of the temple is very strategic in terms of tourism, facing to the ocean and right across from an artificial lake located in the middle of the tourist attraction of Candi Dasa, with access to a temple site that is quite easy, whether for worship or for tourists, making this temple always crowded, so this heaven becomes well-known both at home and abroad. People begin to be curious by wanting to know the existence of this temple by coming straight to prayer, and want to know its history along with its status and function.

History of Candidasa Temple:

In the past, Candidasa was known as Kehen Bay, which was actually called Chili Dasa, which originated from the words Chile and and Dasa which means Chile, which is a small child and Dasa means teen. However, since this area was opened as a tourist attraction, the name Candi Dasa began to be used. it is considered that the selection of this name is related to the “lingga” story inside the temple which is located in the hills of Candidasa.

The ancient text states that the Candidasa Temple was built in the 12th century. There is a “phallus” contained in the temple which is believed to be a symbol of Lord Shiva. In this holy place it is said that it can get the highest award or “heaven” by uttering ten letters called “Dasa Aksara” (Dasa means ten) and a place to ask children or descendants Another story says that the name Candidasa was inspired by a statue near the phallus. The statue is a statue of Dewi Hariti surrounded by 10 children. It is believed that Dewi Hariti provided blessings in the form of prosperity and prosperity to those who prayed there.

Candidasa Temple is also associated with Raja Pilau Bali Sri Aji Jayapangus.

It was told in Saka year 1103 (1181 AD) reigned as a King of the island of Bali, descendants of Vaishnava with the title Sri Aji Jayapangus Arkajalancana. Sri Aji Jayapangus became king on the island of Bali accompanied by two of his wives, Paduka Sri Parameswari Indujaketana and Paduka Sri Mahadewi Sasangkajachina. One of Sri Aji Jayapangus’s wives is a Buddhist, while Sri Aji Jayapangus is a follower of Shiva. When Sri Aji Jayapangus’s reign occurred in the turmoil of two forces, namely Shiva and Buddha, because it had been turbulent in Bali when the government of Sri Aji Jayapangus wanted to unite Shiva and Buddha in the Pura Candi Dasa. It is from all the descendants of Sri Aji Jayapangus that unites Shiva and Buddha. Shiva here is a follower of the teachings of Shiva Sidhanta, while Buddha is a follower of Mahayana Buddhism and Hinayana. Put together there with the aim of the two forces becoming one so that there is no more turbulence.

Sri Aji Jayapangus succeeded in leading the entire island of Bali because of being wise, behaving well, still young, handsome, and clever in the fields of government, religion, and the science of warfare. Always accompanied by his two wives, and the Patih, the Mentors, Pewira, so that all of them can create a safe and secure situation for the island of Bali. Then Sri Aji Jayapangus Arkajalancana, together with his two wives, Sri Prameswari Indujaketana and Paduka Sri Mahadewi Sasangkajacihna, he said to the priests adhering to Shiva and Buddhist teachings after holding a meeting to build a Parhyangan Widhi (Pura), which was named Candi Dasa, in 1112 saka (1190 AD).

With the meeting, up to now the place around the Candi Dasa Temple is called Samuh which comes from the word Samuha which in kawi language means; refinement, and association. And finally became an Indigenous Banjar, namely the Samuh Traditional Banjar. And other relics namely Pelinggih Shiva and Buddha. Pelinggih Siwa which is Linga-shaped Yoni is above and pelinggih Buddha in the form of Dewi Hariti which is below. The belief of the people there Dewi Hariti at first was a yaksa in Buddhism who likes to eat children. But after getting enlightened Buddhism, the Goddess later repented and turned to being a protector and loving child. Local people believe that Dewi Hariti has many children who can provide prosperity and fertility. Therefore, many couples come to get a descendant. A husband and wife who want descent usually stay at night at Candi Dasa Temple and pray three times a day (Tri Sandya).

Candi Dasa Temple is a temple with the conception of Rwa Bhineda namely Purusa and Perdhana. Dewi Hariti is a symbol of Perdhana while the Lingga of Yoni is the symbol of Purusa. Candi Dasa Temple is a union between land and sea called Nyegara Gunung. Between land and sea there is a freshwater pool that is a link between the mountains and the ocean. Where the sea, pond / lake, and river are the Predhana symbols while the mountain is the Purusa symbol. The pond in front of Candi Dasa Temple is called Cala Dasa. Cala is the same as Mala which means bad. Cala Dasa means ten unkindness / ten defilement. And it can only be cleaned or purified in the pond, so that Candi Dasa which blends with the pond becomes Sudhamala. This is very closely related to the existence of a pool that has ten holy springs located in the front yard of Candi Dasa Temple. So in the pool it is a place for melukat which is to cleanse or melt “Dasa Mala” ten people are not good / defiled either physically or mentally to become holy again.

Candi Dasa Temple in worship  by the Bugbug Village community. The piodalan ceremony is at Sasih Kasa around July, calendar Bali.

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