The Kecak and Fire Dance

The Kecak and Fire Dance is one of famous traditional show that perform every evening in Bali. The show we have at Batubulan, Uluwatu, Tanah Lot and in some Ubud area.

Kecak dance performance is most different show because this performance are not accompanied by gamelan orchestra But in the Kecak Dance, the music generated from a combination sounds of members “cak cak ” which were about 50-70 people all of them will make music in acapela.

A person will act as a leader who gives the tone early, someone else acting as a suppressor in charge of pressure high or low tone, someone else acting as a solo singer, and someone else will act as the mastermind behind that to deliver the story. The dancers in the Kecak dance motion should not follow the movement of dance accompanied with gamelan.

So in the Kecak dance this gestures of the dancer is more relaxed because the main priority is the storyline and the sound mix.

The Story of Kecak Dance

The story is a fragment from the Ramayana, the Hindu epic which is the main story about the fight of the Good over the bad. At the past time Prince Rama, heir to the throne of the kingdom of Ayodya, and his wife Sita have been banished from the kingdom by King Dasarata as a result of trickery by Rama’s stepmother. The story begins with the arrival of Rama and Sita accompanied by Rama’s brother Laksmana in the forest of Dandaka.

Their appearance at the Jungle have been observed by the demon Rahwana, King of Alengka, who lusts after knowing the beauty of Sita. Rahwana sends his prime minister Marica to try and isolate Sita so that Rahwana can kidnap her. Marica’s magical powers turn him into a golden deer and he enters the forest and when the Sita saw the golden deer she is so enchanted by it that she asks Rama to capture it for her. Rama chases after the deer leaving his brother Laksamana behind with strict instuction to protect Sita.

When Sita thinks she hears a cry for help from Rama she forces Laksamana to looking for Rama by accusing him of cowardice and he goes to help Rama with great reluctance after drawing a magic circle on the ground and telling Sita the she should not under any circumstance step out side the circle.

Sita, left alone in the forest becomes an easy prey to the trickery of Rahwana who has disguised himself has an old priest and bags Sita for some food. Sita falls for for his trick, she steps outside the circle to give the old priest some food and rahwana grabs her and takes her to his palace.Once back in his palace in Alengka, Rahwana tries everything he can to seduce Sita.

In the palace of Alengka, Sita pours out her heart about her unluckl fate to Rahwana’s niece Trijata, when Hanoman appears telling her that hi is Rama’s envoy and proving it by showing her Rama’s ring. Sita gives Hanoman a hairpin to show she is still alive and sand him back to Rama with a massage to come to her rescue.

In the meantime Rama and Laksamana accompanied by Tualen are wandering in the forest looking for Sita when Meganada, Rahwana’s son, appears and engages Rama and Laksamana in Battle. Meganada uses his magic powers and shoots of an arrow which magically turns in to a dragon which overpowers Rama and Laksamana and they are trussed up in ropes.

The bird Garuda, King of all the bird, a good friend of King Dasarata, has observed trouble Rama is in from high up in the sky and comes to the rescue freeing the brothers from the ropes. Rama and Laksamana continue on their way to rescue Sita and are joined by Sugriwa, king of the monkeyes, and his monkeys army.

This fragment of the Ramayana come to an end with the battle between Sugriwa and his Monkeys Army and Meganada and his Demon Army which ends with the defeat of Meganada and Rahwana.

This show also combining with the trance dance of Sanhyang dedari and Sanghyang Jaran which is as the climax of the show when the trances dance and rolling on the fire, but he doesn’t get hurt or burn.

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