Lotus Lagoon Candidasa

Lotus Lagoon Candidasa is Right Place for Escape from Bustle and Hustle

This tourist spot is a tourist attraction that is classified as very rare, we can feel the life as a member of the kingdom yes the name is Lotus Lagoon Bali, namely Lotus Pool, which is in Karangasem district. Which is located in West Bali, to visit there (Lotus Lagoon) from Ngurah Rai Airport approximately 80 km that can be reached by car or motorcycle approximately 1.5-2 hours.

lets Go Candidasa Lotus Pond While Your Stay at Candidasa

Maybe quite far distance traveled to this one tourist spot, to arrive at the destination, our fatigue will be replaced by the magnificent Lotus Pool in Lotus Lagoon Bali, like we feel part of a royal member, a pool that contains a variety of colored lotus flowers pink and fushia, which is very beautiful.

Lotus Lagoon Candidasa 2

Lotus pond is an artificial pond that is made in such a way, which is very beautiful, you can also enjoy it by taking photos and like enjoying the views of the Chinese royal style. Once you are satisfied enjoying the scenery in Lotus Lagoon, you can also visit the main temple in Lotus Lagoon Bali.

Although the distance traveled is quite far, but fatigue will be replaced by enjoying Lotus Lagoon Bali, which is a lotus pond located in Karangasem Regency.

For tourists who stay in the Candidasa area, you can walk and visit here by going around the lotus pond in the morning or evening. Near Lotus lagoon. there are several restaurants that you try for the afternoon lunch or dinner.

Please find some restaurant listed below near Lotus lagoon:

  1. Balissa restaurant
  2. Dewata Agung
  3. Janger Bar & Restaurant
  4. Vincent Restaurant
  5. Warung Astawa
  6. Tropicana Bar & Grill
  7. Friend’s Bar & Restaurant
  8. Rama Shinta Restaurant
  9. Warung Tini & bakery
  10. Warung Puspa

For tourists who like a quieter place and away from the crowd like Kuta, Maybe Candidasa is the right choice for you to stay a few nights and don’t forget to take the time to go to Lotus Lagoon of  Candidasa.

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