Padang Bai

Padang Bai

Padang Bai is known as one of the tourist centers in the Karangasem area of the East Bali, and is situated in the tourist centre, where activities can be enjoyed at Padang Bai, such as diving, snorkeling, ferry port to Lombok or Nusa Penida, fast boat from Bali to Gili Trawangan and a number of white sand beaches can be used for relaxing or swimming. Activities in the area of Padang Bai are always busy.

Visiting tourist objects in Bali, in particular in East Bali, Padang Bai is a must-see destination except as a hub for activities. The region is characterized by a number of natural attractions such as white sand beaches and the Padangbai beach which is the densest location, because there is also a pier for entry and departure from Bali, ferry or fast boat to Gili Trawangan.

Padang Bai East Bali

And what is also interesting in Padangbai area is a white beach, which is still rarely visited, namely the Blue Lagoon beach and Bias Tugel beach attractions, stunning and beautiful nature charm, which seem unspottable with a natural romantic atmosphere, even for couples with a honeymoon, who may be your next holiday destination in East Bali.

Padang Bai Attractions and Attractions Offered

Padang Bai attractions offer a variety of recreational options, clean white sandy beaches so that you can use to relax or sunbathe on the beach, witness the beauty of the natural panorama of the sea, while watching the activities of fishermen, the existence of this beach adds to the list of attractions in the East Bali region, This area is indeed quite busy for your purpose of relaxing because it becomes the center of tourism activities, such as fishing boats, fast boats and also ferries that make this area the busiest.

The Padang Bai region is even used by world cruise ships to unload passengers, although they have to use rubber boats to go to the pier, because this area does not yet have adequate facilities for wide and long-bodied vessels such as cruise ships, such as those already prepared on the coast Tanah Ampo, although the process is still incomplete.

Padang Bai 2
Padang Bay Photo by GekoDive

The most popular tourist attraction in Padang Bai is diving and for more sensational diving attractions is when Night Dive on the dive you can see the Spanish Dancer which is the main attraction during the dive, while diving during the day you will be treated to natural underwater scenes beautiful and beautiful with diverse coral reefs and clear water. Diving in Padang Bai is suitable for all levels of divers. So even beginners can try diving here. For the diving and snorkeling tour agenda on the island of Bali, Padangbai is a mandatory destination

The most suitable watersport recreation in Padang Bai include diving, snorkeling and fishing, but if you want to enjoy a variety of complete watersport games, then visit Tanjung Benoa attractions, or you can go to Labuhan Amuk beach about 4 km from Padang Bai.

A number of diving spots available in this area include Blue Lagoon, Silayukti Point, Secret Jetty, Bias Tugel, Drop Off, Ferry Channel and Jepun. Various colorful coral reefs and fish that you can find include jackfish, trevallies, napoleon wrasses, moorish idols, octopus, lion fish, tuna, cuttlefish, crocodile fish and if lucky you can meet sharks.

The central area of ​​Padang Bai has complete facilities such as lodging, restaurants, tourist services such as tours in Bali and car rental, including various sea transportation by fast boat or fast boat as well as fishing boats, so if you need a place to relax and need more privacy on a sandy beach white, then you better move to the Blue Lagoon beach or to Tugel Bias.

The two beaches are located separately, flanking the central area of ​​Padang Bai, on the beach of Blue Lagoon and Bias Tugel you can relax more optimally, the beaches are white sand, the atmosphere is calm and hidden behind a hill, the location is close together, very suitable for relaxing and calming down, so you can easily visit. The beach is a choice of tour in Bali which is quite popular by tourists who stay in the East Bali or Karangasem area.

The beaches in the Padang Bai region have their own uniqueness, being in a bay that is directly adjacent to the foothills, the beauty of the foothills of the foothills adds to the beauty of this region, especially when you go to Tugel Bias, you have to take the path to the location, this will be part of an adventure tourism experience that is quite interesting.

Tourism Objects in Bali Around Padang Bai

Tour events on the island of Bali with tourist destinations to Padang Bai, then a number of other tourist attractions you can visit, let alone a trip from Denpasar which is only about 75 minutes drive, on the way through Ida Bagus Mantra, some popular tourist attractions you can visit such as Parks Bali Safari and Marine Park, Lebih beach and Goa Lawah temple.

While the nearest tourist attraction from Padang Bai, besides the Blue Lagoon beach and Bias Tugel, there is Silayukti temple, Labuhan Amuk beach, Bali’s Odysey Submarine tourist spot and watersport, there are also Bali ancient village of Tenganan.

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How to Get to Padang Bay from Candidasa ?

  • Option 1 can rent motor bike from Candidasa
  • Option 2 can rent car with self drive and international driving licence is a must
  • Option 3 can rent candidasa Bali driver + petrol to go Padang Bai, enjoy your day here for water snorkeling and our driver will wait for you.

For Those who spend holiday at Candisasa and planed to visit Padang Bai, they need about 20 minute drive to reached.

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