Virgin Beach

Virgin Beach, East Bali

Perasi beach or known by the name of Virgin Beach or by local residents known as Bias Putih beach has become one of the tourist attractions in Bali which is quite hits and popular in the East Bali region. The natural charm of the beach offered makes it a mandatory tourist destination that is worth a visit while scheduling a tour to the East Bali region.

Indeed, the island of Bali has a lot of beauty that you might not have explored to the maximum, if you stay in the area of South Bali such as Kuta, Nusa Dua or Sanur, you are more likely to visit mainstream places such as popular tourist attractions in the southern Bali region such as GWK, Pandawa beach , Tanjung Benoa, Uluwatu temple and a number of other hits destinations such as Bedugul, Kintamani, Tanah Lot and Ubud. But the presence of Perasi Beach or Virgin Beach will be the New tour destination on the island of Bali. Especially for those who stay at Candidasa, only need 20 minutes drive to reach virgin beach.

What is presented by the beach of Perasi or Virgin Beach is able to present a different natural atmosphere, the nature is calm and comfortable and its beauty is able to make visitors calm and stay longer. The existence of this Perasi beach can complement the list of hits and popular tourist spots in the East Bali region.

As Its name, Virgin beach is located in the village of Perasi, from the airport it takes about 2 hours drive, or about 4.5 km east of the tourist attraction Candidasa which is also a popular tourist attraction in the East Bali region. If you are from the direction of Denpasar right on the Perasi village straight road there is a village temple on the left side of the road, there is a “Virgin Beah” sign to the right, then turn right, about 1.5 km from this main highway you will arrive at the white sand beach.

Perasi Beach or Virgin Beach in Karangasem Bali

White sand beach tourism objects in Bali are indeed dominated by South Bali tourist areas such as Kuta, Pandawa, Dreamland and Jimbaran beaches. But the area is always crowded with visitors, so the opportunity to relax or to enjoy tranquility cannot be maximized. The advantage of these beaches is of course because of its location adjacent to tourism centers and airports, so the distance and access to locations can be closer than the hotel where tourists stay.

To provide a choice of white sandy beaches and virgin beaches as the name Virgin Beach, the Perasi beach located in the tourist area of ​​Karangasem Bali could be a more ideal choice for travelers to retreat with the surrounding scenery is still natural, beautiful and green. The tourism object of Perasi beach is hidden behind two hills namely the hills of the villages of Perasi and Bugbug, as if isolated and away from the crowd. The beaches are white sand, beautifully stretched facing south, the water is also clear so ideal for bathing or snorkeling.

Surrounded by hills overgrown with green trees, and a collection of palm trees on the coast which are also used to park vehicles, making it look more beautiful, the nature looks untouched and still virgin, so it’s no wonder foreign tourists call it Virgin Beach. The atmosphere is not too crowded, it is still dominated by foreign tourists staying in the tourist areas of East Bali and local residents. So you rarely can find beautiful places like Perasi beach, the nature is calmer, away from the crowd and hidden behind a hill.

Perasi Beach, presents a natural view, there are no villas or hotels in the area, food and beverage stalls are available serving local dishes and also preparing beach umbrellas with long chairs for visitors to relax while enjoying the fresh young coconut water and views of the scenery the sea and mounds of uninhabited small island of Gili Biaha are presented beautifully and instagramable in plain sight. A number of activities that you can do can relax in a lounger enjoying the atmosphere that is served, swimming and also playing snorkeling.

On the west side of the Perasi beach is also bordered by a hill wall, if you visit from a different direction or road, the west side of the Perasi beach is the Bukit Asah Bugbug, a hill with a flat plain that also presents beautiful scenery, can be a tourist destination to camp and enjoy treats sunrise in the morning.

Access road to this beach is the only one through a village road, the road is not too big, but a car or four-wheeled vehicle can freely cross the road, but for tourism buses may need to be taken into account, because it seems rather difficult when passing other vehicles.

Virgin Beach 2This place has been managed quite well, vehicle parking facilities on the hill, including food and beverage stalls, visitors can go to the white sandy beach by walking about 100 meters, actually the road to the beach is quite large, but for a while access with motorized vehicles are closed, only reserved for pedestrians only.

Also, be aware, the location of Virgin Beach is actually in the area of ​​Karangbem’s Bugbug Village, but due to access to the Virgin Beach beach from the Perasi village, it is also known as the Perasi beach. Over time access to the Virgin Beach beach can now be from the village of Bugbug, even parking vehicles including cars, can be directly on the beachside location, so that those who visit do not need to walk far, and over time access from the village of Perasi may be abandoned by visitors .

Nearby Attractions With Perasi Beach in Karangasem

Perasi Beach or Virgin Beach, may not be the only destination for your tour in the Karangasem area of ​​East Bali, there are many nearby attractions that you can set, so that it becomes a tour that is quite interesting and not boring. The best way to visit can use the services of a car rental in Bali plus a driver or ask your travel agent to arrange a tour agenda with the main purpose of Perasi beach.

A number of nearby attractions of the Perasi beach include Candidasa, the Brown House on Jasri beach, Taman Ujung, Tirta Gangga and Amed. These places are close together so that they can arrange tour events easily for the whole day. But if you come from the direction of Denpasar can stop for a moment to Goa Lawah Temple.

If you stay at Candidasa area for holiday, you need just about 20 minutes to reach virgin beach, you may contact Candidasa Bali tour for your tour in Candidasa and tour around Bali. Our driver is speak Englih and experienced. He will share about Bali culture and tradition as the story during ride.

Virgin Beach 3

Some tourist who stay at Candidasa may rental  a bike if they want explorer  and ride bike to Virgin beach.

Motor Bike Rental Candidasa Information:

  • Rental Bike at Candidasa start from IDR 75,000-150,000/day.
  • Make sure you have International license.
  • Always use helmet for your safety.
  • Always lock the bike once parking at any parking area.
  • Full attention when you ride bike as the ride bike in Bali is on high risk.
  • There are 2 type of bike; automatic and manual bike in Bali.

Safest way to explorer virgin beach and surrounding is better take our candidasa bali driver to get there and feel confort ride with air conditioned and accompanied by English speaking driver.

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